No Banks, realtors or hassle...

About Us

Who Is The Average Joe Buys Houses Company?

Average Joe Buys Houses, born in Phoenix, Arizona, is a local Property investment company with a respectable background. We buy houses  cash, and are proud to offer the quickest and most efficient service possible, which means fast money in your pockets. We make fair cash offers, close quickly, and even pay regular closing costs. We assist individuals under headache circumstances by offering an As- Is, no repairs, cash offer. 

What Happens To The Home Once I Sell?

 Once purchased, there is a variety of options that may happen based on the current living conditions of the real estate property. A common situation would be to take the invested property and begin repairing and remodeling the home for its future buyer. The home is rehabbed and resold for a profit.  

What Sets Average Joe Buys Houses Apart From The Rest?

 In one word...Trust. We care for our sellers and understand that every situation of every seller is unique to their beating path. People come to us because they are looking for honest and trustworthy values. All of our clients get that and more when they choose to work with us. We help alleviate stress and all parties are ecstatic on closing day.