Frequently Asked Questions

 Here are some common questions people ask when doing business with us. If your question isn't listed, don't worry. Just feel free to give us a call or use our contact form to send us a message. 

Why Do People Sell To Us?

There is a variety of situations that would cause someone to have an urgency to sell quickly. Here is a list of common reasons why someone might need to sell fast:

1. Tired Landlord 

2. Recent Divorce

3. Inheritance of a Property

4. Need to Pay Off Debt

5. Relocation

6. Job Loss

7. Outgrown House

8. Death of a Loved One

9. Tiring Mortgage Terms

10. Retirement 

11. Downsizing

12. Cosmetic Issues or Damage (Flood, Mold, Foundation)

13. Bad Neighbors

14. Unpleasant Neighborhood

15. Asbestos 

16. Death In House

17. Infestation

18. Going To Prison

19. Needs Bail Money

Of course there is more, but we'll leave you with just a few. If you need to sell quickly, whatever the reason, give us a call! We will buy houses across the greater Metro Phoenix, Arizona area

Will You Pay Market Value For My Property?

All properties purchased are investments made with the intended purpose of making a profit. We do our best to offer a fair As-Is (no repairs or fix-ups) Cash Offer on all properties in question, and in addition, pay normal closing costs as a bonus. As a real estate investment company, it is important for us to make it clear to sellers that We Do Not Pay Market Value for the properties we invest in. 

We close quickly and eliminate the hassling wait, costs, and confusing paperwork required when working with a realtor. 

How Is The Cash Offer You Make Determined?

Before making an offer on your property, we first take a few things into consideration: 

#1. Location

#2. Value of Surrounding Homes or Property

#3. After Repair Value

#4. Property Condition

#5. Leans, Taxes, Mortgage.

After taking these bits of information into consideration we are able to calculate an offer that is beneficial for all parties involved. 

Do You Also Buy Condos, Townhouses, Mobile Homes, Apartments, Duplexes or Commercial Property?

 Yes, we sure do. For inquiries, use the same As-Is cash offer form

Still Have questions? Let us help