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FAQ’s w/out Dropdowns


Asked by the sweetest people on the planet.

Seekers of cash home buyers throughout Phoenix, Arizona and across the states have many questions to ask. Some are silly and some are quite serious. Here are a just a few of the most commonly asked questions by sellers needing to, in their words, “sell my house fast Phoenix.”:



#1: CONTACT US- The first thing that sellers do when they need to get fast cash for houses is contact us. There are several ways to do this listed over at our contact us page. Click over for contact methods

#2: GATHERING INFORMATION- Once you reach out, an acquisition specialist will greet you and ask several questions about the property in question. This is to gather an idea of the properties whereabouts and conditions. Phone call duration’s last an average of about 10-15 minutes.

#3: GETTING A CASH OFFER- Once you’ve completed your telephone call, it’s time to wait for your “we buy houses Phoenix”  cash offer.  Normal wait time on average is about 30 mins but may vary depending on each situation. During this time, a specialist is gathering some Intel on the property and neighborhoods value to make you an offer. After doing this, your acquisition specialist will give you a call back and propose an As-is cash offer. There is no need for repairs to be made on the home.

#4: ACCEPT OR REFUSE THE OFFER- There is no obligation to sell your house…nor are there any fee’s associated if you do. Once you’ve received your offer you may accept it or refuse it.  No pressure.

#5: PURCHASE  & SALES AGREEMENT- Once you’ve agree’d to sell house fast, it’s now time to seal the deal. An acquisition specialist will drop by your home ready with a simple 1 page purchase and sales agreement. For special circumstances such as out of state sellers, an electronic signature form can be emailed.

#6: Wait For Title To Close- Once you’ve agreed on a price and signed your purchase and sales agreement it’s time to let the title company do its work. We can close in as little as 7 days paying all cash for houses purchased.

Will I Literally Be Handed Cash For My House?

Unfortunately, no. Anytime a home or property is sold, the law says that the sale must be handled through a mediator (The Title Company or a real estate lawyer). We know…Boo Hoo, huh? Having the sale go through the title company is best and safe practice though for everyone involved. When we say we pay cash for houses, this simply means that we do not require bank loans to purchase your home. This makes closing easy and fast.

How Long Will It Take To Close On My Property?

We can generally close on a date of your choice, but typically the range is from 7-21 days. It is uncommon for us to close after 30 days. It will always fluctuate contingent on how busy the title company is, since there are periods where people tend to purchase homes more often.

How Is The Cash Offer For My Home Calculated?

When calculating an offer for your home, your acquisition specialist takes into consideration the following: Market Value, property condition, neighborhood comparables and repair costs.

Do You Purchase Market Listed Properties?

We do not… Actually, we do not, because, we can not. You see, when you have a realtor list your property, you are contractually bonded to your agreement with them until your agreement period ends. Be sure to give us a call once your contractual agreement is null and void.

Do You Purchase Homes With Liens, Taxes Or Judgments?

We absolutely purchase these types of homes. It’s typical during situations like this for fee’s to be collected from the sellers proceeds at closing.

Do You Buy Mobile Homes?

We only purchase mobile homes within the city of Phoenix, Arizona. If the mobile home is stationed on a piece of land owned by the seller, we can make a normal cash offer over the phone, or using any of our typical contact methods. If the mobile home is located within a mobile or manufactured home park, you’ll need to give us a call so we can schedule a visit to make an offer on the spot.

Do You Charge A Fee To Give A Cash Offer?

Nope. It’s Free.

What If I Don’t Like The Offer Price?

If you aren’t comfortable with the offer, there is no obligation to sell. You can simply refuse it.

Do You Pay Market Value For Houses?

As investors, we commit tons of time and money in acquiring, renovating and selling the homes we purchase. After we’ve reviewed and evaluated your property, will make a fair cash offer on your home. The offer is free and there is no obligation. So in simple terms, as investors we can not purchase a home at market value. This is only because if we did, we wouldn’t make a penny. We’d probably lose money.There are still benefits for sellers even though we purchase at a discount…See? Have a look:

  • We pay cash- This means there are no bank loans, delays or financial purchase fall throughs.
  • We purchase as-is…this means no repairs or cleanups for you. you can leave that to us. 
  • We pay your closing costs.
  • We close fast in as little as 7 days and as much as 30.
  • No realtors, long paperwork, commissions or hassling buyer walkthroughs
  • We can close on your time…whenever works best for you. 

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